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Uma Kapila Indian Economy Pdf Free Download --> DOWNLOAD

Uma Kapila Indian Economy Pdf Free Download --> DOWNLOAD

Category:1947 births Category:Living people Category:20th-century Indian economists Category:Indian women economists Category:Scientists from Delhi Category:University of Delhi faculty Category:Princeton University alumni Category:Delhi School of Economics alumni Category:Indian women academics Category:Women scientists from DelhiQ: How to manage large data set in any transaction using std::queue? I have large database of data (100 million rows of data) and I want to limit the size of that database while preserving performance. I need to select only limited amount of rows from that database and move selected data to another database. I think the most convenient method is to use std::queue. But as far as I know, std::queue uses copy on write for data on it, so when I push my new data to std::queue, it will append it to the data already in queue, not add a new object. Thus my code won't work. Am I wrong? What is the correct method for doing this? A: I assume you want an in-place insert? No, you cannot do that with a std::queue. Note that std::queue is not designed to efficiently represent data in memory. It is designed to represent data in a stream which means that it is necessarily append-only and that it does not perform any memory reallocation. It is a standard container, however, which means that it offers many useful functions. Therefore, I would propose to use it as follows: As a collection of one-item objects As a collection of multi-item objects In order to support in-place inserts, you have to change your collection to store pointers to the objects. std::queue is good to manage one-item objects, but as you have correctly observed, it cannot efficiently manage multi-item objects (ie. vectors or lists). A possible implementation of the one-item objects version of your approach could be: struct Item { Item(int id, double val) : i(id), v(val) { } int i; double v; }; std::queue q; //...populate q with the data q.push(Item(1, 1.2)); //...populate q with the data q.push(Item(2, 3.


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