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Resident Evil 4 Download Ps2 Cheat Edition (Updated 2022)




If you're looking to play this game on your PC or Xbox 360, visit our guide for Resident Evil 4 Cheats, which includes PS2 Cheats, Xbox 360 Cheats, and PC Cheats. The full first generation installment of the Resident Evil series is set in Raccoon City, a secret government building, and its surrounding area. The main objective is to survive the night by killing zombies and other enemies as you solve puzzles and search for the unknown source of a deadly virus. In addition, a new Resident Evil feature is the limited auto-scrolling option. Clicking on the down arrow above the d-pad will make the game automatically scroll through text, allowing you to quickly go from dialogue to game options. Cheats Note: This is not a cheat code, however you will unlock some useful features. To use them, see our helpful Resident Evil 4 FAQ for further info. Clear (All) Checkboxes Select all the checkboxes under Special, to open up all available functions. NOTE: Only the functions which can be cleared by the cheats will display a 'Clear' button. Unlockables Unlockable: Carrying capacity cap for the fire truck. Extra life for Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Extra health bar for Claire Redfield. Extra ammo for your weapons. Extra money for your inventory. Extra rounds for your firearms. Extra lock picks for Raccoon City police station. Extra combo with CQC. Extra zombie bites. Extra stun damage. Extra enemy hits. Extra thorns on the screen. Lose police uniforms. Lose your arms. Extra suits for Leon S. Kennedy. Extra outfits for Leon S. Kennedy. Beach outfit for Leon S. Kennedy. Extra clothes for Claire Redfield. Leon S. Kennedy moves more slowly. Claire Redfield walks slower. Leon S. Kennedy has the worst aim. Redfield shoots twice with a handgun. Redfield dies in the subway. Redfield can't hit a moving target. Redfield can't hit a target from a long distance. Redfield has a 6-shot revolver. Redfield has an extra clip for revolver. Leon S. Kennedy is




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Resident Evil 4 Download Ps2 Cheat Edition (Updated 2022)

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