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  • BE YOURSELF ESTHETICIAN - Save a lot of time and money in the home waxing. As this wax warmer helps you in heating and managing wax tempreture, provide what you need, do what you want, achieve the high-level effect you want, keep it clean, no irritation and no residue.
  • MELT QUICKLY AND EASY TO USE - Auto-off function, large capacity and durable ABS heat assistant material, it makes the wax to melt faster than other wax machine kit. Heat up within 8-10 minutes. The temperature control knob has 6 settings for easily-ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL, ensuring wax temperature is optimal no matter the wax formula.
  • EASY OPERATION: You just need a wax heater pot,and a wooden chip-sticks to apply the wax to the area you want to deal with.


Cleaning Instructions:

  • Cleaning the wax pot while it is still warm is much easier than when it completely cooled down.
  • Turn the electric wax warmer off, unplug it and let the wax stay until the wax pot is not hot and safe to touch. Put a few drops of fragrance and color free oil onto a paper towel and wipe out the pot/ machine as well as the rim.The oil will dissolve the wax and it simply disappears. Any oily residue left behind can be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. Using oil will also prolong the life of your wax pot or machine.

Wax Warmer with complimentary applicator sticks

₨3,000.00 Regular Price
₨1,999.00Sale Price
  • ✅ 1- Wax Machine

    ✅ 4- Applicator Sticks

  • CE Approval
    Voltage: AC 110 V, 60HZ, US Heavy Duty PLUG
    Power: 100W
    Capacity: 400cc
    Weight 750g/1.65 lbs
    Size: 20*20*15.2cm/7.9*7.9*6.1in

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